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Upper School Summer Reading (2019): Upper School Summer Reading

Upper School Summer Reading

The goal for Worcester Academy’s Summer Reading program concerns both enjoyment and enrichment for our students. We want you to read for pleasure, pursue topics of interest, discover new passions, and broaden your thinking. Additionally, we hope that you find some intellectual community in sharing books and ideas with teachers and peers alike.

All Upper School Students must complete the following 3 activities.

1. Read Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee, the Upper School Community Read.

2. Read an independent reading book of their choice.

3. Complete 1 of the following activities:

  • Listen to a list of curated podcasts (linked below).
  • Read one of 3 books (listed below).

See below for more details.

Upper School Community Summer Read (2019)

2019 Summer Reading

Independent Read

For the Independent Read, students can read any book they wish. Use the tabs above to view suggestions from students and faculty and choose a book from this list or any book you want to read.

For the Independent Read, students should respond to the book in one of the following ways:

  • Write a review of the book
  • Keep a reading journal
  • Write a letter to a character, the book's author, or a friend about the book
  • Present a book talk for advisory

Independent reading selections will be discussed in advisory in September and all students are expected to turn in one of the above options for each book to their advisor. Each response should be around 250 words.

Choice Activity

For the Choice Activity, students can either read 1 of the 3 books listed below or listen to one of the curated podcast lists linked below.

Pick one list and listen to all podcasts in the list.


Pick one book to read.

Mildred H. McEvoy Library at Worcester Academy | 81 Providence Street | Worcester, MA 01604