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Anti-Racism & Anti-Bias Teaching Resources: Home

Organizations that Support Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias in Education

What You Can Do at WA

  • Join Equity & Inclusivity Committee
  • Support/be part of Student Activists and Allies or other Affinity, Interest & Allaiance groups
  • Support, attend (if applicable) or offer to sponsor (if applicable) affinity groups
  • Seek opportunities to engage in greater Worcester community
  • Attend Common Ground discussions and/or C.A.F.E discussions throughout the year



Guide History

This guide was originally created for teachers as a resource after the events in Charlottesville in August 2017. Contributions by Johára Tucker, KB Kinkel, Ming Tseng, and Jennifer Hanson. It has been updated and revised to address current events of 2020. This resource guide is not comprehensive.

Mildred H. McEvoy Library at Worcester Academy | 81 Providence Street | Worcester, MA 01604