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Astronomy Research Guide


Cosmic Collisions

Star crashes. Mass extinction-causing impacts. In this program, astronomers attempt to better understand how such collisions occur and how the universe was created.


The Genius of Omar Khayyam

A biographical look at the work of 11th century mathematician, poet, philosopher, and astronomer Omar Khayyam.


The Power to Predict: Chinese Astronomy and the Mandate of Heaven

Dr. Sun Xiaochun and others consider the roles of astronomy and astrology in China as they relate to the Mandate of Heaven: the belief that the power to rule derived from the power to predict the future.


What is Out There? A History of Astronomy

This program shows how we came to understand that our planet is not the center of everything but just one of billions of bodies in a vast and expanding cosmos. Viewers discover the critical contributions of medieval astrologers and Renaissance thinkers as well as those of everyday craftsmen in the development of astronomy.

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