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Hour of Code

Hour of Code Tutorials

Select a tutorial to complete for Hour of Code. If you finish early, pick another tutorial to explore.

Remember that you can win prizes (Amazon gift cards!) for creating something really cool at the end of the tutorial. Just save your work (different for each platform) and email it to Ms. Wolf:

Beginner Tutorials

Flappy Code

Learn the basics of coding with Flappy.


Learn to code with Elsa and Anna.


Learn basic commands and program lightbot to light up tiles.

Frosty Fractals

Use block programming to draw a snowflake.

Intermediate Tutorials

Star Wars

Learn to code with drag-and-drop blocks or Javascript.


Learn coding with Minecraft.

Infinity Play Lab

Create a story or game with Infinity Play Lab.

Swimming Orca

Use the Tickle app to program the orca to swim in circles and a figure 8. If you would like to try this tutorial, ask the library staff for an iPad.

Frosty Fractals with Python

Draw a snowflake while learning the Python programming language.

Animate Your Name

Make your name spin, glide, and change colors with Scratch.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Create an interactive dance with Scratch.

Advanced Tutorials

Create a Pong Game

Create a game of Pong with Scratch.

iPhone Simulator

Build an iPhone game in your browser.

Vizwik Apps

Build and design a voting app. Must use Google Chrome.

Draw with Code

Program drawings with JavaScript.

Animate Your Name

Learn JavaScript and animate your name.

Mildred H. McEvoy Library at Worcester Academy | 81 Providence Street | Worcester, MA 01604