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Welcome to the Mildred H. McEvoy Library

Remote Access to Databases

When you are not on the WA campus, you will need usernames and passwords for certain databases. You will find these passwords on the Library Resources board in MyHILLTOP.

When searching certain databases, you have certain tools that can help when used cautiously:

  • "Boolean operators," which limit or expand your search:
    • AND: shakespeare AND sonnet AND criticism
    • OR: working memory OR short term memory
    • NOT: saturn NOT planet
  • Truncation, to find plurals, alternative spellings, expand search
    • *: librar* finds library, libraries, librarian, librarians
      • But be careful: car* will find car, cars, cart, caramel, cartographer, etc....
  • Proximity operators, which look for words close to other words (WITHIN#, NEAR)



For user names & passwords see the Library Resources page on MyHilltop

Best for Current Issues

Science Specific

World History Specific

U.S. History Specific

Database Collections

These links are collections of resources from the Gale General OneFile database. If you are researching one of these topics, these are a great way to target your search.

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