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What's So Great About Reading?*

It will make you SMARTER (!) ...
It will make you a better writer (even more than writing will) ...
You will be a more successful student ...
You will listen better and process speech faster and in more detail ...
You will be a better speller with a larger vocabulary and better grammar ...
It brings the same health benefits as meditation ...
You will have better emotional intelligence than non-readers ...
It's fun!

*See Ms. Biancolo for citations

I Don't Read Books Because ...

… I have no time!

Solution: Always have a book with you (a paper or eBook downloaded to your phone). Take it out and read when you have a few minutes - standing in line for lunch, waiting for something to download, waiting for class or a meeting to start, or fit in one page before bed.

...Reading is difficult for me!

Solution: Choose a book that interests you, and start building the habit with something you can read easily, like a graphic novel. Still having trouble? Visit the Center for Learning in Dexter - they'll help!

...I start a book but I lose interest!

Solution: That’s OK! You don't have to finish every book you start. If a book doesn’t grab you in the first 10-15 pages, put it down and find something else.

...I would rather do anything else!

Solution: Remember the benefits of reading, that last your entire life. Once you find books that interest you and you get in the habit of reading you’ll wonder why it took you so long to do this great thing

...Reading is boring!

Solution: You just haven’t found the right stuff! Keep looking. Remember graphic novels, nonfiction, histories, fantasies – there are books for everyone!

...I can't find anything I want to read!

Solution: the fiction in the library is organized by genre, so if you want a good fantasy or a creepy horror novel, it should be pretty easy to find... And if you can't find something that looks good, Ms. Biancolo can help!

Boarders: Can't Find the Book You Need?

If you can't find a book you need in our library or in our eBook collection, we can try to borrow it from another library. Click this image to search 1,600+ libraries across Massachusetts:

Once you find a book, give as much info about it as you can to Ms. Biancolo and she'll order it for you.

♦ Day students, your public library can help you with this! ♦

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Biancolo, Vicky. Book Chair at Reykjavík City Library. July 2017. 



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