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Content here is class specific. Check back when your teacher or Ms. Biancolo instructs you

Mr. Sumner: Armed Conflicts & Humanitarian Impacts

Google &. Baidu v. Library Databases

  • previously in print (mostly)
  • more reliable for academics
  • what is the product? v. paid content free to you
  • so much stuff (targeted to your search)!
    • advanced search
  • citation information -- whew!



  • database
  • keyword, subject, title
  • primary v. secondary v. tertiary sources
  • full text & abstract & citation
  • journal v. magazine
    • authority (citations, credentials)
    • content (primary research v. general or opinion)
    • purpose (inform v. entertain/you know)
    • audience (experts v. public)
    • jargon
    • accountability (peer-reviewed, juried, scholarly)

Ms. Pulver: Biology

Library Website -- Research & Citation Help

Google &. Baidu v. Library Databases



Try it: dog/cat behavior

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